Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mr. Sullivan Goes To The Spa!

My sweet little Sullivan had a nice "spa" day at the groomer's today. He had a bath, got his nails done, his teeth and ears cleaned and got a great hair cut which he badly needed ( he was quite a furry little beast). The groomer was afraid that he would be cold without his hair, so I bought him a fleece jacket as an early Christmas present. The groomer gave him a cute little Christmas-themed bandana too! Here he is modeling his new attire:
He really seemed to like his new jacket and didn't shiver when we came inside like he usually does when he's nakey dog, so I guess it was a good call on the groomer's part. He's such a little old man but he's still my baby! The little ones were cute when I brought him home. Jamison thought he was a different dog and Abigail followed him around saying, "Jacket off. Jacket off" because she is told to take hers off when she gets home. They think he looks pretty handsome and I think he does too! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Leena


  1. I think my little dog might need a jacket too. Ever since he got his haircut he's constantly shivering :)

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  3. What a cutie pie! I bet he feels like a new Man LOL. Nothing like a doggie spa day, heck we would feel great too. Love the little coat.


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