Sunday, November 27, 2011

Junk Gypsy Show On HGTV!

Tonight was the night! HGTV showcased the PREMIERE of "Junk Gypsies" starring our very own Junk Gypsy legends, Jolie and Amie! The show was fantastic and it was so inspiring to see two junk loving, creative women make it to the BIG screen! I was SO impressed by the show, that I left the following comment on their blog. If you're not familiar with these two mavens of upcycling, back road roaming, family nurturing and free-spirit style, or if you've never heard of Large Marge,  you NEED to run on over to their blog and take a peek -

"Leena Lanteigne { 11.27.11 at 10:10 pm } Bravo! I’m applauding while I type LOL! I watched your show and it was SO NICE to see your beautiful faces, hear your voices, see your family members, the shops you’ve discovered in Texas and watch you work your magic to transform a plain room into a Junk Gypsy masterpiece! I loved the room and everything in it! Funny moment – when Jolie was stacking up the cans and talking about making a light fixture, I turned to my husband and said, “Is she gonna make a light or shoot them?” well by golly, ya did both! Cracked me up! Then, I almost died when y’all were talking about painting that fabulous aqua cabinet – NO!!! I love the color! I was hollering at the television! Amie and Jolie, the show was awesome! It was realistic, personable, informative and fun. I felt like I was right there – it wasn’t pretentious at all, which is what I love! I want to be able to relate my junking and creating to folks on tv and y’all nailed it! I even got to see Large Marge! LOL! Can’t wait until the full season starts. It just goes to show you that good, honest work, faith and family can conquer mountains and make dreams come true. Congrats on a HUGE success! Love ya! Leena"

Jolie & Amie

Photos Courtesy of
So, you can see from my comment how much I LOVED the show! If you missed it, check the HGTV website and see if it will be repeated. The full season starts in March 2012!
Enjoy! Leena

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