Monday, November 21, 2011

Never Say Never!

Have you ever found an item, either on the curb, at a yard sale or flea market and thought, "Gee, it'd be great if only that _________ wasn't missing/broken/etc"? I used to, until I turned my brain onto repurposing and revamping, giving new life back to an old object and re-loving it, even if it isn't perfect! Case in point; a while back, I found this beautiful dining room chair while out curb shopping. It had a gorgeous shield back, a nice wide seat that could be easily recovered, curvy legs and one arm...wait, ONE ARM? Yep, one arm. Seems that the other one was broken off. "No problem", I thought. "I'll just take the other arm off!" And that's exactly what I did. I took off the arm, filled the holes with wood putty, then sanded it down before painting and glazing with a gel stain. Meanwhile, the seat received a fetching and oh-so-fun leopard print fleece for. I loved it and apparently others did too as it sold almost immediately! Wish everything worked that way! LOL!

One-armed chair before

Becomes no-armed chair after!
Close-up of glaze in details
 I currently have another chair, a solid wood one with a pressed back that is missing one little curved piece that joins the back to the seat. When I found it, on the curb of course, there were two of them, but the one was completely taken apart. "Aha! Do you suppose that means it has that little part I need to replace the one that's missing on this chair?" You betcha! I actually found it on the ground next to the chairs! So, that one will get repaired and painted soon. One more - two identical chairs with rush seats. One has a few tears in the back corners of the seat, the other's seat is perfect but the dowels between the legs are sticking out for some reason. So, if I can't repair both, I will swap out the seats, do some refinishing, then offer it up for sale, while I use the not-so-perfect chair to hold a pot of flowers come next spring. This way, they both stay out of the landfill and serve a purpose - re-love it!

I have a bunch of furniture in my garage waiting to be painted and I'm really wanting to get it done so I can park my car back in there before the snow falls. I'll be posting pics as I go along! Thanks for stopping by - you know I love it when you do! Hugs,
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  1. Super transformation. Great idea to remove the other arm. No wonder it sold so quickly.
    I am following.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. What a great re-do. Visiting your lovely blog from Debbie Doo's and I'm now following you with GFC and LF. --Kim :)

  3. I agree! Never say never. I've done some transformations of broken, thrown away, alley finds and they are my favorite!

    I'm stopping over from the newbie party and I am your newest follower!
    I'd love for you to come check out my (newbie) blog too and follow back, if you're so inclined.

    Have a wonderful night,


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