Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath

This is the neatest project and it looks like it is so easy! A little time-consuming, but inexpensive and with a beautiful result! The link below leads to the tutorial from Lowe's Creative Projects Magazine. I get the hard copy and saw this wreath and just had to come online to see how it was made. I could tell it was coffee filters but that was it! If I can squeeze any additional project time in before Christmas, this one is going at the top of my list! Ho Ho Hugs, Leena
Coffee Filter Wreath


  1. I made a coffee filter wreath last year for a friend. It was really easy but I did burn the dickens out of my fingers with the hot glue.

  2. Thanks for those great comments you left about my Ladder Tree & Tablescape! Very sweet! I do love that coffee filter wreath - maybe next year! I'm exhausted.


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