Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fun Postage Idea

When Jamison was 5 months old, we celebrated his first Christmas. Being crazy, insane and loving grandparents, Jim and I went all out to make sure that the little guy was the star of the show. Jim heard an ad for Photo Stamps and we decided to check them out. It's a really neat website, where you can upload your photo and they make a postage stamp out of it, you order as many as you need and they mail them to you within a couple of weeks (our order only took a few days)! You can use pictures of your kids, pets, family, wedding, engagement, baby's birth, favorite scenery, artwork - basically anything that isn't obscene or copyright protected. I had bought Jamison a tiny little Santa suit so we knew exactly what we were having our stamps made of! Jim and I propped him up in a big chair with his stuffed reindeer and took about 25 pictures of different poses and facial expressions. The poor baby probably thought we were bonkers, and, well, he'd have been correct. We picked our favorite photo and had our stamps in time to place on Christmas cards. Our friends and relatives were so surprised to see that little face on the envelope, that many of them cut the stamp off and kept it! I actually kept an unused one myself. Here is the pic that we used back in 2007:
That little face still melts my heart today! Anyway, I'm not being compensated for this, I just thought it was worth passing on. If you make stamps, please let me know! I'd love to see a picture of what you decided to use. Have fun! xoxo, Leena


  1. Darling grandchildren Leena.....I'm sure that you will REALLY enjoy Christmas through their little eyes!


  2. What a great idea and that is just the sweetest face ever.

  3. How adorable! What a great link too. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Leena, What a great idea - I didn't know you could design your stamps! That is an adorable picture of your grandson!

    Happy Holidays!



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