Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be Still My Heart!

I came across a true treasure today and I just had to share. One of my dreams is to do well enough in my business to afford a vintage truck. This dream is not new; I've been wanting an old truck for ages! I saw this one today and had to take pictures of it:

It's a 1957 Dodge and it's for SALE! One of my plans has been to get a license plate that reads OLDRNME (older than me) LOL! Can you imagine? Too cute! I have no idea how much the owner wants and, frankly, I can't afford to buy anything like this right now anyway, but a girl can dream, can't she? I am lusting over this truck now - paint it PINK and I would truly be in LOVE! Oh! A really funny thing is that it's parked outside a restaurant called Vintage 50!

Things like this just keep me motivated and that's a good thing. Hope you find something special today too! xoxo, Leena

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  1. I've always wanted an old truck too! What is it about that? haha Mine would be either white, or farmhouse green.

  2. That's a cute truck! I sooo hear ya about it.
    I think you don't get anywhere without dreams and intention...I consider "luck" to be when education meets opportunity. So you should start a pinterest board with all your favorites *hint hint* so I can look at em and dream too *winks* Vanna

  3. My Dad had a truck like that, in fact I have a picture of me somewhere in front of it. Thanks for sharing.


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