Thursday, January 12, 2012

Squeezing In A Thrift Trip

I had planned on spending the entire day in my office/studio, working on all the projects that I have running amock in my head. However, as we all know, things have a way of changing and remaining flexible is often neccessary in order to maintain one's sanity. I ended up running errands for other family members and, while I was out, decided that I needed a little of that sanity-saving therapy. My favorite treatment? Going to the thrift stores!

I always love these little jaunts, hunting for items for my home and things that I can revamp for my online shop. Today, between two stops, I found quite a few nice goodies!
I found this really neat bronze-colored birdcage with circular cut glass ornaments on each end. I will place a small silver tray in the bottom to hold candles, then find a location in my home for it. I'd been wanting another birdcage ever since I made the bad decision to get rid of one I previously had. Next to it is a gorgeous white metal lantern with glass panels - I can't believe that somebody gave this away! It has an, well, odd display in it (a tiny bird's nest, one blue egg, a goblet filled with sand, a small flower pot with a tea light in it and some shrubbery). Fortunately, none of these decorations are glued down, so they've already been removed and set aside for possible future projects. I have big plans for this lantern and it will show up in my shop soon!

In addition, I found two pasta/salad plates that are white with a black rim. I'm slowly building an everyday collection of mix and match black and white dishes. I picked up two sweet little bottles that I have revamping plans for, a really cute little dairy crock (perfect for butter or dips), a small sundial for my garden (come on spring!) and an ornate plate that will soon hold a candle and some potpourri or a  floral/boxwood wreath. Hmm..seems that most of these items are staying with me. Well, some days it's like that. I can't sell every treasure I find, can I?

On my way home, it  dawned on me that today was Thursday and I was thrifting - why is this important? Because it's Thrifting on Thursdays at SavvyCityFarmer's blog! Wow! I'm actually on time for something! OH! I also stopped by the grocery store and picked up the new copy of Romantic Homes magazine so I could admire the wonderful feature of my friend Janet of Shabbyfufu - congrats Janet!

So, I guess it was an extra good thing that I was flexible today. I got some new goodies for the after Christmas redecorating bug, some new projects to work on and I had a little break time that I totally enjoyed.

I hope you've enjoyed thrifting with me today and I thank you for being here! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Leena

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  1. These are great finds! I love the lantern. Thanks for stopping by! I am following you back.

  2. speaking of thrift'n, I need to hit hard today!

    thanks for linking along!

  3. What great finds for you today!

  4. You got some great stuff! I LOVE that birdcage!

  5. Hi Leena!
    I did very much enjoy the thrift trip.Loved that lantern! I think we have lots in common "thriftin' nuts" and all *winks* Vanna/your newest follower

  6. What a fun blog I love finding treasures! So Fun! Just found you and I see we have alot in common. Check my blog out and follow if you'd like

    I always FOLLOW back :)

  7. Stupid Me...I am looking at your blog banner again, and I have to admit I really LOVE that saying you have in there about the Confessions of a Professional...LUV it!

    Have a sweet weekend with all you do!:)


  8. I say there's ALWAYS time for a thrift store find! Thanks for coming by, I am your newest follower!
    Did you check out our challenge? It'd be great to have you join.


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