Friday, August 31, 2012

Bad Mow-Jo

A few weeks ago I was mowing the lawn, when the mower started spitting out a bunch of blue smoke. Indicating that it was burning oil, I checked the oil level and found that it was low. I put some oil in, rechecked the dip stick and thought that it needed more. I poured more in and, as it was getting dark, decided to put the mower away and finish the next day. When I tried to start it then, it wouldn't start. It didn't even make a sputter or cough or wheeze - nothing. Dead. Great. Majorly annoyed sigh. So, I open it up and found that the air filter was completely covered in oil. Seems I was a bit over-zealous and put in too much. OK, on to Home Depot for a new filter, which I replaced and the mower still would not start. Not too big a deal as it had started to rain, so I put the machine away for yet another day.

Another day turned into a couple of weeks and now the lawn looks really hairy! Get out the owner's manual. Nothing worthwhile. Take the machine apart again, wipe off all the oil, prime the engine. Nothing. It was time to give in and call the repair man. He came this morning, so the mower is all fixed and happy - yay!

Bad news, it's going to be 97 today - boo! Good news, I've already mowed the front - yay! Bad news, I still have the ENTIRE back yard to do, which is hilly and has very long alien grass in one large spot (I think it comes from the bird feeder on the deck above). Good news, I'm inside now, taking a water and air conditioner break. Bad news, I'm going to have to go back out there soon. When I come back inside, Jim will be waiting for me:

By the time I'm finished, I will be spending the rest of the afternoon like this:

I think that in the future, I'm going to make the grand babies some of these so they can help:

Or at the least, get myself one of these awesome chopper styles, so I can look cool while I sweat:

I guess that the real good news here is that it's still summery and I'm not outside freezing and wishing I was living in Florida. That will come all too soon!

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by! Hugs, Leena


  1. Oh-I hate when things like that happen to the lawnmower. Couple of weeks? Your lawn must look like a hayfield!;>) I mow almost an acre and I depend on my mower to start everytime. So...what was it? Was it from the oil that made it not start? I have a tiller and my son poured oil in the gasoline tank without mixing it fist. OMGosh-what a mess! I ended up taking it in- $115 later and it finally started! xo Diana

  2. Geesh Moomie, next time put gas in the tank instead of paying the guy to do it! ;)
    And then have your daughter cut the damned lawn. I'm sure she'd love to, to show her appreciation for all that you do for her and her children, just like mine does!
    This has been your daily dose of a lame humor attempt.
    But I love the blog, and that's no joke!

  3. Funny post, Leena. It only takes a few days for our lawn to get out of control. We have really rich soil. A couple weeks, and we have a meadow. Glad you got it fixed. Go easy next time. lol

  4. Leena,
    I hate when things like that happen.But it is my husbands department not mine !...LOL! I take care of the inside and the gardens he takes care of the lawn.Glad you fixed it.

  5. I can so relate! Mower troubles, weedeater troubles, weeds out of control, and on and on. And yet we love those lawns. I love looking out the window at the expanse of green grass, so I keep at it. And in Florida, we don't get a break from yard work during the Winter. We mow a bit less, but we still have to keep at it, so we don't have the cold, but we do have lots of yard work! Love all your cute cartoons. Crack me up! Thanks for coming by Quirky Vistas and leaving me a comment and following. I'm now following as well!

  6. Hilarious post. Thanks for sharing. And I'm sorry to laugh at your terrible troubles, but bringing a smile to someone's face kind of made it all worthwhile, right? (I'm hoping!) I'm glad you finally got it fixed. Enjoy the rest of your summer! :)

    1. Glad you liked it Chelle! Yes, makig others laugh or smile is always worthwhile - part of why I enjoy writing and creating. I was out there mowing again yesterday but the weather was much better! Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day! Hugs, Leena


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