Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Charming" LittleTrailer

My daughter brought me the sweetest little charm the other day. She works at Fossil, at the outlet mall nearby. They sell watches (I got a beautiful one from her for Christmas) and purses (she gave me a fabulous one of these for Christmas too - thank goodness for employee discounts!) and other accessories, like jewelry. When a shipment came in, she saw this little charm and immediately snatched it up with me in mind!
Sorry about the fuzzy camera phone pic
I love it! It's so cute with its rolling wheels and it has PINK on it! Y'all know that I LOVE pink! I first fell in love with these little "canned ham" trailers a few years ago, when I saw one featured in a magazine. A woman had renovated it and turned it into a little "home away from home" in her backyard. She could use it as a potting shed, tea house, or just a nice quiet, private retreat. I thought that was the most wonderful thing; to have your own little space, away from the hustle and bustle of every day life, a place to get away from it all and from everybody and think. Right now, the only think tank I have is the bathroom and it isn't always private (yikes!). It would make a great place for Jim and I to have romantic candle light dinners or take cuddly naps with cool breezes blowing through the windows. I can just imagine a little pink and silver gem in my backyard, all girly and ruffly on the inside with flowers planted along the outside. Of course, our HOA wouldn't allow such a thing and, while it would be fun to put one on our property and watch their heads explode (I'm not fond of HOA's), 1. there isn't a level piece of land in our entire yard and 2. I don't have the budget for such fun BUT, I can wear my little charm and dream, can't I? I have a necklace that I add charms to when I find ones that mean something to me. This little trailer will be added right up front so I can show it off and hopefully, it will make others smile as much as it makes me!

Thank you for dropping by today! I always love and appreciate that you take the time to read my ramblings and your comments always touch my heart! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Leena

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  1. How cute is the little bitty travel trailer???? We had one when I was a teenager and it became my personal little get-away in our yard!!
    Thanks for visiting and I am now your newest follower.

  2. cute charm, kate! there are some awesome re-done trailers on pinterest--love the hoa heads exploding comment:) too funny!


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