Thursday, August 23, 2012

Transferware Thrifting Treasures!

While out thrifting the other day, I came upon these incredible, gorgeous Clarice Cliff transferware dishes in perfect condition! I was thrilled and instantly in love with the plum color, which I know is not found as often as some of the other hues transferware from Royal Staffordshire comes in. There were seven large rimmed soup bowls and two sweet little berry/dessert bowls. There were also quite a few saucers, but I resisted those as I was afraid of not finding cups to go with them.
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I looked up Clarice Cliff online and discovered that she was quite a pioneer within the ceramics industry. In fact, she was regarded as one of the most influential ceramics artists of the 20th century! What I found intriguing about Clarice was that she came from a large family and was the only child who was interested in art. At the young age of 13, she received a position with a ceramics manufacturer, painting gold rims on china. When the factory had pieces that were unsuitable for sale, Clarice would practice her painting on them and ultimately created several patterns that are still popular today! Her first, titled "Bizarre" was launched in 1927 and in that same year, Clarice gained her own studio with AJ Wilkinson's pottery factory . In 1940, she married her boss, Colley Shorter and they resided at Chetwynd House at Clayton, Staffordshire. Clarice passed away on October 23, 1972.
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I find Clarice Cliff's life to be quite inspirational, being a fellow woman with a dream. Women like her give me confidence that yes, I can realize my dream, my vision and my passion! Isn't that knowledge that we all could benefit from now and then?

Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Leena

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  1. She sounds like an amazing all women should be proud of...and I love your transferware- xo Diana

  2. Love your transferware and what a lovely post. Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  3. Love all your finds! I follow this blog
    she totally loves and has lots of transferware! She is doing a special Etsy project today and is going to post how it went so you may want to check it out! Keep posting your finds- I'm a 'picker' too! Have a great day!


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