Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Goodies

I recently had an appointment in the next town over which just so happens to be where Home Goods is. I hadn't been on an outing in quite some time and couldn't remember when the last time was that I explored the store, so decided to take a little break and pop in. It's always a fun excursion. Even if I don't purchase anything, I delight in looking at all Home Goods has to offer.

On this particular day, I was on a bit of a mission. I wanted to find a nice little pitcher for milk. When I take Jim his breakfast (he's still recovering from two surgeries), I leave the milk out of his cereal so that it doesn't get soggy before he gets a chance to eat it. It seems like every little vessel I use is always in the dishwasher and I've run out of ways to transport the milk (trust me, pockets don't work LOL!).

When I first entered the store, I was greeted by several gorgeous chairs by Lane. They were so comfortable looking, somewhat petite in stature, but not so small that you couldn't curl up with a good book. I fell in love with a white on white fabric pattern on one, and a grey on white pattern on the other. Really good prices too - most were $199.00! Still, not what I was looking for and not what I have the budget for right now, so I sighed one of "those" sighs and moved on. Around the corner, a collection of the most adorable little pitchers greeted me! I would have liked a white or black one, but no such luck. There was a yellow one, pretty but not a color I use in my kitchen. There was a red one (I love red) but it had a cute little raised pig on the front and he just didn't speak (or squeal) to me. A nice green one was cheerful-looking, but again not quite the right color. Hmmm...what's this? A gorgeous turquoise pitcher with the perfect shabby distressing to it! Not a color I use but one I adore and it is a color that I am beginning to incorporate into my decorating more and more so into the cart it went! I've always loved the color in clothing and jewelry, so why not home decor?

A couple of aisles over, I spotted the most adorable tea set! It was white on white, which I'm crazy about, with a beautiful raised design on the front. A tiny two-cup pot sat atop of a pretty, rounded cup - perfect! "Jim will be quite surprised when I serve him tea in this", I thought. "It will make his morning a little more special", which is something that I was wanting to accomplish since I know he's a bit bored being in bed most of the time.

I browsed a bit more, admiring the bed linens (I need a new dust ruffle but they didn't have any), shaking my head "no no no" at the price of two Paris-themed pillows (I thought they were a bit high) and then, turning around, there she was! The cutest, most adorable little piggie I'd ever seen! And she has wings! And she's distressed! And she's about a foot tall! I picked her up, approved of her clearance price, and into the cart she went! It's been difficult seeing my husband go through medical issues and I'm all about having positive inspiration around us. This little piggie represents that we will never lose hope, not even when pigs fly! It may sound sappy to some, but we've been through a lot and if something as simple as a little ceramic flying pig can lower the stress level a bit, I'm all for it! I haven't named her yet. "Hope" seemed appropriate but I'm holding out for something a bit more creative. Any suggestions? I think I'll take a wide pink ribbon, add some flowers or an old brooch to it and give her a sweet bow to wear.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful, sappy, stress free day!

Hugs, Leena

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  1. Doesn't matter if you call her hope, Faith or even if you call her angel ... she is still going to be the most adorable thing ... and what she represents that is the most important part :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. No matter the name...simply adorable!

    I'm so glad you found me so I could find you again after all these years! WOW!


  3. Hello Leena! Home Good is terrific, isn't it? I love to browse there, too. I do hope your husband is feeling better sooner than later.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. :)

  4. Cute pictures. For some reason I can't read the color of your print on my computer- I even tried enlarging it but it still glares too much to read on my laptop. Blessings- xo Diana

  5. Great finds, I love, love, love your piggie pooh! A bow will look lovely on her. Found you at Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  6. I had guinea pigs for many years, just recently lost the two I had. They are such fun pets.

    BTW - hard to read that red font in your post.

    Popped in from FMFPTY's THT.

  7. Wonderful treasures Leena! Thanx for coming to THT!

  8. Loving your new goodies! I just saw that pig at our HG yesterday. Thanx for joining THT!


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