Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas

It was a gorgeous, sunny, 69 degree day today for my sweetie's birthday! Jim had requested to go to his favorite Chinese restaurant for their awesome Sunday brunch, so I agreed. He hasn't been to too many places other than doctor's offices since his foot surgeries (first one was in February) so a nice little outing on a beautiful day to honor his birth seemed appropriate. I figured 69 degrees would be a little chilly, so I opted to wear some short boots instead of my usual flip flops. Now, if you know me, you know that I rarely give up my flip flops, ever, not even in the winter with snow on the ground, unless I'm going outside and then, I go for my next favorite type of shoe, boots. However, I didn't have any flippy floppies to match my black leggings and shirt with mixed shades of greens and brown in it and these little boots are a muted olive green fabric with cool brown buckled straps running up to the ankle, so I figured I'd be stylin' and profilin' LOL!
 We enjoyed the drive of about half an hour, basking in the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air. Jim thoroughly enjoyed his meal and was all smiles on the way home. I noticed, however, that the car was a bit warm when we'd stop at a traffic light, but didn't want to turn on the air conditioner. I made a quick stop at the grocery store and it too was a bit warm for me in there. Here's the thing. If my feet get hot, I'm hot. Not sure why there is a connection there, but the same goes for the cold. Like last night, my feet were freezing and so was I. Yeah, I know. I'm weird, but I'm very good at being weird, so it's OK.
As soon as we got home, I ditched the leggings for my Capri's and the boots for my pink flip flops. I'm sorry my lovely rubber footwear goddesses! I'll never leave you again!
Thank you for stopping by to witness my silliness today! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday to my sweetie!
Hugs, Leena

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  1. Well tell your dear hubby HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! For me *winks*....And I think the cold/hot foot thing is totally normal. When my feet are cold my pilot light goes out.
    I Love those boots!...Your flippies are pretty stylin' too *winks* I hope this beautiful weather goes on for a while longer. I love the Fall, but since our summer was so short here in Wash...I needs me some more sun!


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