Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My "Type" Of Yard Sale!

With fall creeping ever closer, the number of yard sales in my area is dwindling. This is such a sad time of year as I know that soon, not even the die-hards will be offering their wares and I, once again, will be in yard sale withdrawal. Having said that, you would think that I would jump at the chance to attend ANY sale in the area, but I remain picky. If the ad says "children's clothing, toys, baby equipment" or other items I'm not interested in, I just can't convince myself to get up at the crack of dawn to drive around looking at items I'm not interested in. Before my grand babies were born, my daughter and I would flock to these types of sales, but the kids have outgrown all of that equipment and paraphernalia, so my interest has wained. However, on this particular Saturday, I had nothing to offer Jim for breakfast and I have to make sure he eats to maintain his blood sugar levels, so I hopped in the car to hunt down some carry out.

The junker in me just couldn't help herself. As long as I was out early, my car instinctively drove towards one of the sales I'd seen listed in the paper. As predicted, the offerings were slim, but I did find a pretty pink table cloth and the back yard of this residence was gorgeous! There was a pool with a deck, a gazebo, flowers galore and, my favorite, a pink Victorian-style, two-story playhouse! Oh if only that was for sale! Anyway, I made my purchase and headed towards another sale, which wasn't worth getting out of the car for, then finally decided to take in one more. I almost didn't, but something kept telling me "turn here! turn here!" so I did. What I found was.......

...a 1938 Underwood Citizen typewriter, made in New York! Squeels of delight!!
It's perfect, in the original case and even has a wood-handled cleaning brush!

I have wanted one of these most of my life. My uncle had two old typewriters on his farm and he used them when I was a kid. I was rarely allowed to practice on one, so was thrilled when he gave me permission!

There's just something about these old utilitarian treasures. The look of the crinkled metal finish, the ink ribbon that has black, red and correcting strips, the cute little round keys, the sound it makes when typed upon and, since this is so old, that wonderful vintage smell! To some people it may be yuck, like that smell of your high school friend's parent's basement, but to me, it's childhood, on the farm, looking through all the old things my aunt and uncle had. It's treasure hunting in my grandma's wood-floored cellar, discovering treasures in her old trunk. It's comforting.

As I was admiring the typewriter, I noticed two things: 1. the $5 price tag (squeel again) and 2. the "lurker" who was attempting to reach over my right shoulder, fingers pointed at "my" typewriter. I solved that problem real quick-like by picking up the lid to the case, asking the seller if the lid went with the typewriter, re-attaching it, locking it down and picking it up while telling her that I'd take it. Yard sales can be rather competitive. You have to be on your game at all times in order to beat out the lurkers, vultures and sprinters. I think they should put on a "Yard Sale Wars" show, but that's another subject.

Anyway, I am so delighted with my new treasure! It is down in my office and I'm planning on fixing up a special place for it to sit so I can admire and play with it!

Is there a special treasure you've been hunting for? I'd love to hear what it is. I may even have it waiting for you in my stash of stuff! LOL! Thank you so much for stopping by, have a wonderful day! Hugs, Leena

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  1. yay, what a great find!! I buy old typewriters & sewing machines everytime I find them.... I think I have the same one ;-) Congratulations, it is a wonderful display piece & super fun to play with!!

  2. WHOOHOO!!!!! YAY!!! What a score!!
    I love em too Leena. And I just love that you made a childhood dreams come true!
    I hear ya about the aggressive shoppers! At one of my sales two ladies got into a fight over a hooked rug (It was draped over a door for display, and one gal was on one side and another on the other side...Anyhoo they both started pulling when they realized there was another interested party. Then one slapped the other in the face! OMG! Talk about a debacle. Needless to say I did NOT sell it to the lady who slapped and I was afraid she might try coming back to my house to slash my tires or something crazy!.....Sorry for the over share *winks*
    Hmmm the list of things I'm hunting for is long....You already know what I tend to collect. I'm always hoping to find that "amazing" treasure like a Louis Vuitton trunk or a duchesse brisee (Been looking for more than 20 yrs for the latter, but I DID find the former!) I'm off to a yard sale right now and I'm hoping to find some antique shutters with perfect shabby patina. Or rose paintings...A girl can dream right? I love the serendipity of it best. Not knowing what wonderful treasure I might find.*winks* Vanna


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