Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Windows" Of Opportunity

This is what I was working on today:

Sometimes, the best curb shopping scores come when you least expect them. I was driving to get some dinner one night, when I spotted what I thought were windows piled on top of a trash can. "Were those windows? I think those were old windows! Oh my gosh, those were windows!" I thought to myself (I get a little excited sometimes). Instinctively, I hit my brakes, threw my car into reverse and went back to take another look. Yes, they were indeed, old windows!

All kinds of thoughts ran through my head at this point. "How do I get them without being seen? Is it late enough? I wonder how heavy they are? I could do so many things with those!" I decided to pull into a parking lot across the street and check out the scene, to make sure that I wouldn't be spotted. Sometimes the "cloak of darkness" isn't enough to keep my snatch and run private and I'm always afraid of meeting with resistance from the home owner. I mean seriously, who wants to have a perfect stranger yelling, "Get outta my trash!" at them? However, there are times when I don't care if I get seen and brazenly hop out of my car to load the treasure, acting like I'm invisible. Determining that it was safe, I pulled my car around to the curb, jumped out, grabbed all four windows at once, loaded them into the back and took off with one of those giddy grins on my giggling face.

They are so cool! Each one has six panes and all of the glass is intact!

Today, I took one of the windows out of my garage, aka the evil vortex, and down to my work space to start tinkering with it. I'm thinking cherubs, lace, some ribbon, maybe a little mosaic, roses - I haven't quite decided yet. I did, however, realize that I need a bigger work table! I cleaned it off and then I took some pictures to share with you. Look at all of that glorious chippy goodness! I took out a bunch of doo dads and started messing with the design. As soon as it's complete, I'll post the finished project.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Hugs, Leena

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  1. Super cool find!!! I don't think people mind if you take there trash.Around here it costs more to throw things like that out.If it is the same there then you actually saved them some money for throwing it out! Have fun!

  2. Nice score, Leena. I like the lace as a backdrop. I had to laugh when you said you scooped them all up at once. I've done the same with groups of curbside finds.

  3. Hi Leena!!
    Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello my friend! I don't know how I could've missed your message. On my blog yes because I haven't been there in months, but I live on pinterest! My hubby set up the TV in my bedroom so I could just point and pin *winks*
    Oh girlfriend let me tell ya I would've had those windows in the back of my car too in about 20 seconds! Lol! I can feel your joy through this post and I'm doing the happy dance for you! I can't wait to see what you do with them. Vanna

  4. I love old windows! I almost bought one this past weekend. Thanx for linking up to THT!

  5. Curb shopping...I haven't heard that before...but I like it!
    Great windows....glad you got them!

  6. What a great find. Sooo jealous. I use to worry about being seen, but now I just stop and throw the stuff in my car. Hey, if it's on the curb it's meant to be taken. :)


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