Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pink Scarf Project at 2BagsFull

I have just read about a special project that truly warmed my heart! I don't even know the blogger's name as this is the first time I've visited her blog, 2 Bags Full, but I am genuinely impressed by her talent and thoughtfulness! In her words:

"The statistics are horrifying~~
It is estimated that over 230,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer during this past year. Ninety-five percent of these cases occurred in women 40 years of age and older. As horrid as those numbers are, they are an improvement over the previous year. And those numbers are an improvement over the year before -- thanks to increased awareness, better detection methods, and remarkable new treatments.
to participate
in my
"Pink Scarf Project."
Simply stated - it has only one goal~
To bring a smile to the face of a woman who is fighting her own battle with breast cancer".
Image From 2BagsFull

This wonderful undertaking is being held at 2 Bags Full and is running from October 2012 to October 2013. This gives everyone time to make or purchase a scarf or scarves and send to the designated address contained in the blog post.

Please click on the link above or the button on my sidebar and consider participating in this oh so worthy event! I don't knit, crochet or barely sew, but I'm going to figure out how to make something special! I'm sure that with all of the lovely, talented folks in bloggerville, we can donate fabulous scarves that will not only warm a woman's body, but her soul as well.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I really appreciate your visits and comments! Have a wonderful day!

Hugs, Leena
Click for more info and to participate


  1. Leena- you are so sweet to share my Pink Scarf project on your beautiful blog-- thank you so much!! I'm so grateful for you helping to spread the word. When your scarf arrives-- I will share it with the world and link to your blog!!


  2. This is truly a worthy cause.
    Mary Alice

  3. I have a friend who is 38 with breast cancer really bad. Her kids are so young. Love how people pull together to fight it.

  4. Holly, I am so sorry! I will send prayers and healing thoughts for your friend! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment! Hugs, Leena

  5. I hadn't heard about that! So excited. I'm going to post a link on my Facebook page too.

  6. What a wonderful idea! Thank you for spreading the word about this special project. I hope you are having a lovely day. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for the very kind comments you leave me. I appreciate them so very much! I agree with you on the door...I will have fun hunting for a larger one! It's always nice to have a second opinion.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Many Blessings,

  7. My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor and I'm always amazed by how many women have suffered through this. Thanks so much for sharing this Leena.


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