Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Adventures In Gingerbread! (a little silliness)

The warm sunshine glistening off the snow-covered landscape beckoned to the Gingerbread family. They had been cooped up inside for far too long! Momma, Pop, Brother and Sis decided to break free and bask in the fresh air! They left their little house in the woods........

and admired their neighbor's homes which were blanketed in pristine snow.......

as were the beautiful trees of the forest they lived in.
After a while, they came upon some rather odd characters, who seemed just as surprised to see the Gingerbread family as they were them!
Looking for a place to rest, they shared a bench with a very nice gentleman.
He informed them that if they were looking for some real fun, they should attend the Men In Snow concert! What fun! The music was chillin' the crowd surfing was thrillin' and they all had a way cool time!
Even with all the fun of the concert, the family longed to be somewhere warm; some place pretty and tropical and relaxing. What luck! They won the concert lottery for a cruise for four to Jamaica! The Gingerbreads immediately headed over to the marina where the cruise ship was docked.
Once on board, they  felt rejuvenated, watching the water stream by as they enjoyed lounging on the ship's deck.
Upon docking in Jamaica, they were amazed at the beauty of the beach and water! They took water skiing lessons from a local professional......
and enjoyed frolicking on the sandy beach, playing in the waves.
Back on board, the kids loved the swimming pool.......
while Momma and Pop had some private time in the hot tub......
and sipped tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them!

I think they got a little snockered as they were seen jumping the waves and Momma was sporting a new bikini and showing off her tummy!

Unfortunately, vacation time was over all too soon. The Gingerbread Family returned home, to the snow and their sweet little house. They didn't mind so much however, as there really is no place like home!

Note: No gingerbread cookies were harmed in the making of this blog post. OK, maybe a few were eaten, but whenever necessary, stunt doubles were deployed. Until they were eaten too. Ummmm, yeah.

Thanks for stopping by today for this little piece of silliness! Take care, Leena


  1. I can tell everyone was having a good time here! All's well that ends well! SO nice you stopped by with a good word!

  2. Thanks for the smile, Leena. Forgive me, but all I could think about was taking a bite out of one. LOL

  3. This is so creative! I needed this little bit of cuteness today, thanks Leena.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  4. How fun! It is cold and raining here today so I would like a vacation to a tropical place. Gingerbread "people" are cute and always bring smiles. That was a very creative story.

    1. Thank you Shannon! I think I have cabin fever or something LOL! Glad you stopped by! Hugs, Leena

  5. OMG what a cute post-just loved it. Must admit I was desiring just one little bite also-LOL

    1. Thanks Ellie! I was hard for me not to eat them while I was working on it too! However, once the post was done, well, chomp! LOL! Hugs, Leena

  6. So cute...the hot tub one esp. I'de love to do a post like this. Fun fun...very creative! My girls will love this!


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