Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today's Smile

When the grand babies got home tonight, they were so cute! Abigail, hugging her teddy bear announced, "MeeMaw! Bears eat fish!" Jamsion, seeing Jim sitting at kitchen table, silently slid onto his lap, snuggled into his chest and continued to play an Angry Bird type game on his mom's phone. It's the same game but with the pigs being flung instead of the birds. I can't recall the name, Pissed Off Pork or something? LOL! Just kidding! I love how Jamison does that. He never says a word, just side slides onto your lap and snuggles. It's like he knows that he's always welcomed to sit with one of us, which, of course, he is! Then Abigail set to work baking Play Doh clocklit (her version of chocolate) brownies, chatting away constantly. She talks....a lot....loudly. She chatters and chatters and when she says something that she thinks is funny, she does this little sarcastic raspy laugh. SHe just tickles the heck out of me! Meanwhile, Jamison squeeled that he'd completed Level 3! I think that's the bacon level - kidding again. Lastnight, Jamison and I built some kind of Star Wars Lego space ship thing. It has this monkey-lizard looking guy that sits on it. I'm not up on all these creatures, characters and critters, I just build them.

They both just warm my heart and I love spending time with them. Simple little pleasures that bring the warmest smiles! Hope your day is filled with smiles too!  Hugs, Leena


  1. Those are THE very best kind of moments, aren't they? I am so glad you get to spend hands on time with them. We've got a talker, or two, too! xo Diana

  2. Lovely moments, thats where memories are made:-)

  3. Thank you! Your grand kids are just adorable!



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