Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dogs Make The Cutest Vacuum Cleaners

I've had dogs my entire life, up until last June. That was when my last fur-baby, Sullivan, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 16. Looking back at all of them - Sullivan, Gilbert, Molly, Riley, Seanmus, Shoshoni, Tashi, Jeff II and the original Jeff (my parents got him before any of us were born), they all seem to have one thing in common; they were really cute and efficient vacuum cleaners!

Jamison and Gilbert hanging out by the kitchen table
While preparing to vacuum the carpet underneath the kitchen table recently, I crawled under it in search of Legos and other toys that I did not want to run over. I did find some Legos, and socks, one of Abigail's headbands, a couple of french fries, a cracker, a shoe, a piece of a hot dog and some gooey stuff that I believe used to be yogurt. Now, before you get all grossed out, and you're entitled to (I sure did! Blech!) we usually don't eat dinner with my daughter and the grand babes, but you'd think that somebody, "SOMEBODY", would clean up afterwards, right? Apparently not. Anyway, it made me wonder why it was such a mess under there. Then, thwapp! I get it! It's because the dogs always cleaned up! In fact, they stood guard, just waiting for something to go airborne so they could pounce on it and gobble it up. It really didn't matter what it was - meat, cheese, veggies, fruit - they went after it all. Poor Abigail's dinner fell victim more times than not, once Sullivan realized she was an easy target. It was kind of funny, but I always felt badly for her, as she'd cry, "The doggie ate my food!".

Sullivan attempting to snag some mac-n-cheese from baby Abigail
I can't recall a time when I cooked dinner without a dog wedged between my feet and the cabinets, hoping I'd drop some yummy treat. When we had the three cockers, one would take up that position while the others flanked my legs. Jim used to love feeding them spaghetti. He'd take a long piece and dangle it until one of them stood upright and slurped it up. It was like having a big furry fish on the line! Wish I had a video of that. It was pretty amusing.
Three Three Mooches - Molly, Gilbert, Sullivan
So now, when I drop something and I immediately think that the dog will get it, I have to remind myself that we no longer have a cute vacuum cleaner. I have to pick up after myself. Where's the fun in that? Oh, and on a side note? I've laid down the law to the others as well. You drop it, you pick it up! Capisch?

Thanks for dropping by today! Hugs, Leena


  1. I too have had to get used to life without a pup-my kitties do some cleanup (of anything! so I need to be so careful-like meds) but I still sometimes assume one of the girl pups will get it-LOL

    1. Hi Ellie! Sorry that you atoo have lost a furry family member! Yes, cats will pick up just about everything, if not to eat, then to hide! I had a cat that was a real thief! LOL! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment - I really appreciate it! Have a great day! Hugs, Leena
      Oh, I tried to respond to you via email but it comes from a noreply address.

  2. Leena
    Your little cockers were so adorable. I miss my Molly very much. I know what you mean about them being little Hoovers!! I still have Libby and she does a great job of getting all the dropped pieces that hit the floor! Have a great day.

  3. Hi Kris! Libby sounds adorable! I hope she and you are doing well! It's just the weirdest thing but I kept wondering why there were so many crumbs and things on the floor, then I figured it out LOL! Weird! Have a lovely day! Hugs, Leena

  4. I totally know what you mean. I never pick up food i drop, i just wait for furry vacuum cleaners to pick it up! Wow, one of your doggies lived until 16! That's amazing, you must be a great mama!



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