Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today's Smile

The sun is out! The sun is out! Yaaaaaaaaaaay God! I actually said this a little while ago when I noticed that the sun was rising and would be making an appearance today. I tend to get a little goofy after a few dreary, cloudy days. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm goofy most of the time It's part of my charm (batting eyelashes) but at least today I have a really good reason for it!

The sun always brightens everything, including my mood. The grass is greener, flowers are more vibrant, the sky is such gorgeous shade of blue. Even the birds have been chirping this morning! They had been silent during the sun's absence. All of this makes me happy and, therefor, I smile!

I hope there is something in your life to make you smile today too! Enjoy!

Hugs, Leena

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  1. We have a bit of sun in our neck of the woods this morning too. Sunshine always lifts my spirits!

    Xoxo. Michelle.


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