Sunday, August 11, 2013

Today's Smile

Waking up because you really, really, REALLY have to go potty and noticing that it's almost time for your husband's alarm to go off which puts your brain cells into overdrive wondering if you should just wait the hour until he's gone but having your bladder loudly protest "I don't think so!" so you hobble into the bathroom as quickly  as your half-awake body will propel you while those now in  panic brain cells don't want to make said husband late and begin chanting, "That's it! I'm buying a urinal!" when suddenly it dawns on you that it's only Sunday and he doesn't work on Sundays! Phew! That was a relief in more ways than one!

Hope this gave  you a chuckle to start off your day! Thanks for stopping by !
Hugs, Leena


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