Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adventures and Acquisitions

Earlier this spring, before I injured my back/hip/whatever, you may recall that I had the opportunity to attend the Lucketts Market and Hometalk Meetup,  however, I neglected to tell you what I purchased! As per my post, I was limited on time, funds and mobility (my back has been messed up for years) but I did have a few things in mind and was so happy that I found them!
Love these old doors Lucketts Store uses along the outside of their porch
My first treasures were these awesome, chippy porch spindles! I immediately fell in love with their shape and wonderful patina. They were outside in a HUGE bin, and I dug around until I found just the right ones. I've had an idea for a project using spindles floating around in my brain forever, so I was so pleased to find some that I liked. I only purchased three of them as the vendor is a regular at Lucketts, and I knew I could return for more.
 Three chippy spindles all in a row
Another thing that's been on my hunting list for years is an enamel bowl. I don't know why I wanted one - maybe for no particular reason at all other than I wanted one. We don't always have to justify our wish list items, do we? That would be as restrictive as dragging home a junk find and having someone repeatedly inquire, "What are you going to do with THAT?" I'm sure we've all heard that question a time or two. Anyway, I was fortunate to find the perfect bowl - large, with a few worn spots which I think make it more beautiful and at a steal of a price! I'd still like to find one with a red edge to go with my kitchen accents.
                                            Great enamel bowl with fresh veggies!

Last weekend, Jim and I headed back into the Lucketts area to purchase some fresh veggies and fruits from Farmer John's. We hadn't been all summer and I was dying for some quality produce. I figured I could walk around for the short time it'd take to pick up some tomatoes, corn, etc. right? Wrong! About 10 minutes into our shopping, I was ready to climb onto the corn wagon and request to be dumped at our car! So frustrating! I told Jim that I thought I'd have to skip the trip to the Lucketts Store for more spindles. A few minutes and an ice-cold bottle of water rebuilt my gumption and determination and we headed down the road.
                                  Beautiful bounty! Corn, squash, peppers, tomatoes and this is only half of what we brought home!  
I knew that the spindles would be outside and approximately where they'd be located, so I put my junk radar into use and honed in on them quickly. Once again, I dug through the HUGE bin in search of the perfect ones. I purchased nine this time with just one problem; I neglected to bring something to carry them in! What ensued was nothing short of a bad circus juggling act. Get all 9 in my arms, start to walk, drop 3. Pick them up, drop 2 others. Gather them all again, take a few steps, drop 3 again. Pick 2 of them up and drop credit card while attempting to retrieve third. This was repeated over and over as I inched my way to the check out, until I found a little chair to sit on, at which point all 9 and my credit card landed in the dirt. Why I had thought it made sense for Jim to stay in the car and pick me up after I found the spindles is beyond me. I made my purchase, waved him over and gladly got back in the car. I must say that I felt a certain pain in my heart having to leave the store without going inside or looking at all of the other wonderful items outdoors. As soon as I can, I'm going back out to search for more things on my list! (I don't have a picture of the entire spindle haul because I keep forgetting to get them out of the trunk of Jim's car)
 HUGE Metal cow and pig across the street!
 Pink polka-dot cow at On A Whim near Lucketts
So that's the story of my latest adventure and acquisitions. Thank you so much for spending a little time with me today! Take care ~ Hugs, Leena

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  1. Leena-That was quite an adventure all the way around. I started laughing thinking about you dropping 3 spindles and then picking them up only to drop 2 more. My husband does that ALL the time and usually when he bends over to pick something up his glasses fall off, too.

    I love your old spindles and can't wait to see what you do with them. Have a great night- xo Diana

  2. LOL! If Jim were doing it, his pants would probably fall off! It's happened before :x Still trying to figure out why I'm not getting comment notifications and why the ones sent regarding comments I make come from noreply. Argh!~ Hugs, Leena


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