Thursday, September 12, 2013

The One That Got Away

Have you ever found something so remarkable that you absolutely HAVE to have it? You know, that perfect pair of shoes, set of dishes, lamp, junky treasure - whatever it is, you are positive that you can't live without it, then, for some reason that defies all known logic, you decide not to buy it? The second you leave this awesome find behind, you regret it. This remorse goes on for days, perhaps even weeks! What happened to me recently was even more frightening and traumatic!

It all started a few years ago, when we decided that we really didn't need a large dresser in our master bedroom. About the only things we fold and put into drawers are undies and socks and I didn't like the look of the television on top of the dresser (besides, it took away too much knick knack display space). The solution? An armoire that could hold the television and that had a few drawers for clothing. I found the perfect one for a great price at a yard sale and the homeowner even delivered it and helped carry it inside! I said perfect, right? Yep! Perfect, perfect, perfect. Until recently. Jim has special socks to wear now and they just won't fit in the drawers! So now I'm back to wanting a dresser. At least, I think that's the reason why. I hope it isn't because of some obsession to move and replace home d├ęcor frequently! Nah! Whoever heard of such a thing?

I was cruising around Craig's List when I found this fabulous dresser!
It had nine drawers, the little criss-cross pattern on the front that I like, a pretty paint finish that I wouldn't change and, best of all, it was a really close match to the pair of night stands that we purchased at Lucketts a while back! (Photos below)
Oh! And, it was only $100! I immediately sent off an email to the seller and we corresponded back and forth. The dresser was too long to fit into my small SUV, so she agreed to drive it to my house for a small fee - worked for me! I sent her my address information so she could Map Quest her directions.  I was so excited! The next email I received from her stated that my email had gotten lost in her spam box (uh-huh) so she sold the dresser to another person who just happened to live in her neighborhood (um-hum). I just sat there, staring at the email. I had no idea how to respond. Granted, she had a right to sell her dresser to anybody she wanted to, but I thought it was a bit unethical to pull the deal out from under me like that. Ultimately, I never responded.

So, I'll just keep searching and hopefully I'll find something that I like just as much. It'll just give me an excuse to attend more yard sales, flea markets and vintage shops! Oh there's that silver lining I was looking for! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day! Hugs, Leena

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