Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Greetings From The Beach!

We are having a wonderful time here in Ocean City, Maryland! While gazing at the gorgeous sun glistening off the waves this morning, it is difficult to believe that we are into fall now, coming up on October! The lower temperatures and nearly abandoned beach, however, let us know that we're pushing our love of "endless summer" about as far as we're going to be able to. We are so thankful for this opportunity.
My daughter and her two little ones arrived before us on Saturday and headed straight to the beach. At first, the kids were a little intimidated by the waves rushing ashore, but before long, they discovered their inherited sea legs and ran whole-heartedly into them, squealing with delight! I've always been the "water baby" of my family, and watching them frolic in the water reminded me of my first encounter with waves and how staring at my feet while they went in and out made me so dizzy that I fell over! I guess that at the age of five my sea legs hadn't quite developed yet!
Over the weekend, we returned to the sand and surf. We dug deep holes where Pirate Captain Jamison and First Mate MeeMaw buried treasure, then marked it with an X and counted the paces from water's edge to the booty. We had to hide our loot well, for Abigail, the Mermaid Queen was on the hunt for jewels to adorn her starfish crown. I may have been limited on mobility but not imagination or fun! Just watching my daughter and grandbabies enjoying themselves brought so much happiness to my heart!
These photos of Abigail really make me laugh. I actually took a whole series of her running towards me, getting closer and closer. She may be small, but those little legs can really move! Upon arrival, she said,  "Meemaw, I'm cold and there's sand in my pants!" So I wrapped her in a towel and shook out her pants and she was good to go!

Jamison was concentrating on digging his pirate holes so  much, that he had his tongue stuck out. I do that when I think really hard too. Maybe it's a knowledge antennae! 
While trying to write their names in the sand, the waves kept slipping up and erasing their work. Jamison decided to dare the waves to come cross the line he drew in the sand. When the water did, he moved his line up a little higher and dared it again. Abigail tried the same thing but alas, the ocean always wins!
The sun was setting and it was getting pretty chilly, so we headed in for dinner and a nice evening together.
Thank you so much for sharing in our beach vacation! Next post: Wild Ride On The Sea Rocket!

Hugs, Leena        


  1. Awwwwe! Love it, Leena! What a wonderful memory you are creating with you family! Hugs and enjoy! - Julie xo

    1. Julie! So wonderful to see you! The kids really loved it, just as I knew they would. They went home on Monday, crying good byes at the beach but I promised them we'd come back. I know how they felt - I always hate leaving too but we have the remainder of the week now for adult time and Hope al l is well with you hon! Hugs, Leena

  2. Leena- I am so glad that you are having a good time and that your daughter and grands are enjoying the vacation. I LOVE the ovean- xo Diana

  3. Oh, great family memories. Looks like tons of fun.

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